Chuck Chilla pleads with you not to leave. The producer/beatmaker/musician’s latest, “Don’t Go,” is a familiar lover’s tale of need and frustration told through Chilla’s uptempo gaze. Written about a lover who just can’t see themselves the way their lover does, “Don’t Go” is ever-pleading, yet confident and relentlessly hopeful. With its bouncy guitar and harmonies stacked like pancakes, This song will keep you wrapped in a groovy gossamer blanket from the first fallen leaves till springtime come.

Don’t Go” is available on all streaming platforms October 12!

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Album opener “Mr. Promoter Man” marinates on the importance of Chilla’s musical community through a love letter to Los Angeles and it’s nightlife. Chilla spent nearly a decade working with some of the biggest names in ‘90s hip-hop at Interscope Records, but truly came up creating and hawking instrumental hip-hop CDs, booking artists at legendary soul, funk and hip-hop party The Root Down. Flowing over a funky guitar riff, Chilla weaves the names of his favorite parties and record shops into his verses: “I got that Root Down, Boom Box, Fire Cracker, Soul Session, Respect the Nightlife can’t forget my Sound Lessons, Do Over Paid Dues , Rockin’ the bells at the Funky Sole. Onda escucha el sondio del Subsuelo. Dub Lab to the Dub Club, with the Dub Plates, bounce rock skate to the Breaks.”

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