Chuck Chilla in VR

No one was going out during the Pandemic. Chuck Chilla being a musician no longer had anywhere to hang out, let alone play his music. & then BADA BING BOP BIP Chuck Chilla had the idea to go into VR (His Best Friend Zack and Cousin David also influenced him) . Three days after Chuck Chilla got into VR he was already building his 1st worlds with the help of his friends ChuggaChoo & NILE. The 1st world SpaceShip Training & Musical Nebula by Chuck Chilla. This world is a fully immersive 3D Environment set in outer space complete with functional space ships and a selection of 9 songs from Chuck Chilla’s music Catalog.

SpaceShip Training & Musical Nebula by Chuck Chilla has since become a popular place to chill. Chuck Chilla’s music has seen a spike in streams, follows and playlist adds.

You can Accecc Space Ship Training & Musical Nebula by Chuck Chilla By clicking this link

Photage Art

10/4/2020 Chuck Chilla has the honor of being  1st subject of a series by @anigza: “PHOTAGE” = Photography + Collage.
This is where Ani makes collages completely by hand (cut & paste) out of photos she took. Ani is a well known O.G. journalist and photographer in the Los Angeles music scene. But she’s now also a bad ass PHOTAGE artist.

In this “PHOTAGEAni used pictures of me and parts of the Kofiecaster/Chillacaster, a guitar painted for Chuck Chilla by LA based/international  art legend AUGUSTINE KOFIE @kofie .

Instagram : @anigza

Instagram: @kofie