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Seven X Chuck

Chuck Chilla is a consummate “ProFreshinal” producer, beatmaker, multi instrumentalist and singer/song writer whose roots in LA’s hip-hop community run deep. After more than 20 years being the main beat maker for the Gershwin BLX crew also working alongside the city’s top talent—including Aloe Blacc, Piel, Percee P and many more. —Chilla is releasing his first EP of summery, R&B, funk & reggae meets lo-fi hip-hop: ProFreshinal volume 1.

Like Chilla himself, ProFreshinal is easy listening without being simplistic, romantic without being cheesy. ProFreshinal’s seven tracks feel particularly personal;  its grooving synth and sweet harmonies recall weekends in bed with a lover, while its uptempo hits are a funky chronicle of a lifetime of a deep rooted music education.

“The album is pro-positive, which is really what I’m aspiring to be more and more of,” says Chilla, aka Charles Sedghi. “It’s very funky, soulful, heartfelt. It’s also a bit easy to understand; I might have a complex thought, then put it into basic notes. I made ProFreshinal gritty and a little more raw, like your favorite jacket that has a couple of stains on it.”

Chilla sings, raps, played guitar/bass/keys and made the beats for ProFreshinal, with additional vocals from singer Rain Bisou, an arrangement by Zack Young, and drums by Tony Martinez. Chilla also worked closely with legendary multi Grammy award winning engineer Gerry “The Gov” Brown—whose credits include albums with Erykah Badu, Sting, Prince, John Legend and many other big names—to mix ProFreshinal’s melodic, multi-genre sound.

Album opener “Mr. Promoter Man” marinates on the importance of Chilla’s musical community through a love letter to Los Angeles nightlife. Chilla spent nearly a decade working with some of the biggest names in ‘90s hip-hop at Interscope Records, but truly came up creating and hawking instrumental hip-hop CDs, booking artists at legendary funky hip-hop party The Root Down and road managing one of the city’s foundational funk groups, The Breakestra. Flowing over a funky guitar riff, Chilla chronicles his favorite parties by weaving their names into his verses: “I got that Root Down, Boom Box, Fire Cracker, Soul Session, Respect the Nightlife can’t forget my Sound Lessons, Do Over Paid Dues , Rockin’ the bells at the Funky Sole. Onda escucha el sondio del Subsuelo. Dub Lab to the Dub Club, with the Dub Plates, bounce rock skate to the Breaks.” 

Chilla channels that same respect for the nightlife into ProFreshinal’s love songs; “What you wanna do” trades hip-hop machismo for a sexy summoning that puts his lover in control. “There’s some naughty things here and there, but even those lines are very respectful. I feel like young dudes need an example as to how to be a guy and have respect for everyone else, especially females,” Chilla says.

Chill as Chuck Chilla is, he’s not taking it easy – he continues to produce, play, and has enough material for two more ProFreshinal EPs. He’s performed the record with a 6-8 piece live band in Los Angeles and plans to do shows again as soon as possible.