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Shadow Logic - Speed of Dark - Digital Music Download

Shadow Logic - Speed of Dark - Digital Music Download

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The Speed of Dark - Shadow Logic

Venturing into the deeper recesses of the human psyche and the interplay of light and shadow, Shadow Logic's album, "The Speed of Dark," is an evocative exploration of life's duality. Performed with raw intensity by Chuck Chilla, who takes on vocals, guitar, bass, and keys, and supported by the rhythmic talents of drummers Kevin Katich and Tony Martinez (on the track "Again"), the album weaves a tapestry of emotional, philosophical, and spiritual narratives.

The album not only challenges the listener to confront their shadows but also offers solace in the eternal dance of love, light, and darkness. It's a testament to the journey of self-discovery, the pain and beauty of existence, and the cyclical nature of life and love.

Track Overviews:

  • Ever Know: A call to embrace fear, expand one's comfort zone, and draw closer to one's true self.
  • She Knows Your Name (SKYN): A mystic tale of a netherworld where names hold power and forgetting yours can mean eternal entrapment.
  • Right There: A heartfelt promise of unwavering support and friendship during turbulent times.
  • Drinking Shadows of a Cloud: An introspective dive into the expansive world of altered consciousness and the healing journey through Ayahuasca.
  • Dead and Gone: A confrontation with ego death, celebrating the evolution of self and the release from past traumas.
  • The Devil Him/Her Self: A reflection on the inherent darkness in humanity and its amplification by media and politics.
  • Again: A touching ode to eternal love, chronicling the journey of two souls for ever in love reconnecting through lifetimes.
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