Casanova De Cafe Nova Express

Admiral ABCDEFG, also known as Chuck Chilla, embarks on a Deep Space Erotic SciFi Funky Lofi - Gritty Hip hop Instrumental Adventure, a cosmic journey set to the rhythm of the stars. This musical odyssey, blending the raw energy of gritty hip-hop beats with the sensual allure of lofi grooves, promises to shake the universe to its galactic cores. Each track is a throbing echo of interstellar funk, a blend of untamed creativity and futuristic soundscapes.

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Chill Shop Volume 1

Embark on an intergalactic voyage with "Chill Shop," an instrumental hip-hop lofi album by Chuck Chilla. Set within a unique retail SpaceShop on a SpaceShip drifting through the vast expanse of the cosmos, this album is an artistic escape from Earth's chaos, envisioning a new era for humanity, distant from terrestrial conflicts.

Inspired by the eclectic and vibrant spirit of Sawtelle Boulevard's shops and restaurants in Los Angeles, "Chill Shop" merges urban coolness with the tranquility of the cosmos.

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Chuck Chilla: ProFreshinal Volume1

Chuck Chilla, a seasoned LA producer deeply connected to the hip-hop scene, drops his debut EP "ProFreshinal." The Album blends R&B, funk, reggae, and lo-fi hip-hop. Chilla sings, raps, plays guitar, and produces, with Rain Bisou's vocals. Engineered by Gerry "The Gov" Brown, known for Erykah Badu, Sting, Prince, and John Legend. Explore it on SPOTIFY .

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Shadow Logic Speed of Dark

Venturing into the deeper recesses of the human psyche and the interplay of light and shadow, Shadow Logic's album, "The Speed of Dark," is an evocative exploration of life's duality. Performed with raw intensity by Chuck Chilla, who takes on vocals, guitar, bass, and keys, and supported by the rhythmic talents of drummers Kevin Katich and Tony Martinez (on the track "Again"), the album weaves a tapestry of emotional, philosophical, and spiritual narratives.

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Shibuya Sunrise

Al a Love letter to Japan "Shibuya Sunrise" showcases Chuck Chilla's deep connection with Japan and his expert craft.

He repurposes vintage Japanese commercials into infectious hip hop beats, blending nostalgia with rhythm, a skill honed through his immersion in Japan's hip hop scene.

This album resonates with its listeners by fusing cultural appreciation with a captivating sound.

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Dominoes and Dice

Dominoes and Dice

Chuck Chilla is an alias for the beat maker ABCDEFG, pronounced "Abba Ku Def Jee."

His instrumental hip-hop album "Dominoes & Dice" made waves in the Los Angeles underground scene in the '90s.

Originally a beat CD for rappers to choose instrumentals from, it was picked up by the distribution company Kashmir (KSD) and pressed for wider release. The album saw success and is now available on Bandcamp, marking its transition from a niche physical distribution to digital availability.

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Mage of Many Instruments

Chuck Chilla, is an audio shaman, who defies musical boundaries with his multifaceted artistry. His journey began in childhood, tapping rhythms on pots & pans, & evolved through a profound connection from record players & tape decks to guitars, basses 7 recording equipment. Chuck's genre-spanning expertise encompasses chill hip-hop, psychedelic rock, hard rock, metal, funk, & R&B.

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"EnthioCosm," a psychedelic soul rock journey into sensory conversations.

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